OtterWood Capital Management is a macro investment management firm based in Toronto, Canada. Founded by Christine Hughes in January 2012, OtterWood Capital manages $400 million for retail investors.

NEI Northwest Macro Canadian Asset Allocation Fund

A flagship Canadian retail mutual fund created specifically for OtterWood by NEI Investments. In keeping with OtterWood’s investment style of asset allocation, this fund has the most flexibility of the three funds OtterWood manages for NEI Investments. With an equity (or fixed income) investment range of 90%-10%, there is considerable ability to preserve value in bear markets. It also has material geographic flexibility for a Canadian fund with up to 50% non-Canadian content allowed.

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NEI Ethical Balanced Fund

A conservative, Canadian balanced fund with limited flexibility in terms of asset mix. Between 40-60% of the portfolio must be invested in equities at all times. Foreign content is limited to 30% of the portfolio. This portfolio strictly adheres to NEI’s Socially Responsible Investment mandate.

Click here for the Fund term sheet.